Monday, 14 July 2014

Thomas H Huling: Years of Experience

Thomas H Huling is the founder and director of Global Investment Company, S.A., a Public Limited Company that was established in 2010 and is registered in Luxembourg.

Global Investment Company owns and manages a Securitization Fund called Global Invest Fund, or GIF, which offers a secured investment opportunity by buying and selling Investment Grade Notes to a pool of pre-approved Exit Buyers. “Access to this investment strategy requires multi-national financial relationships that I have developed over time,” Thomas H Huling says. “These relationships, which are proprietary, are critical to GIF’s investment strategy and success.”

Thomas H Huling says that Global Investment Company, S.A., along with its strategic financial group in Switzerland, will facilitate the negotiation and structure of Investment Grade Notes that can be customized to suit the needs his investors’ requirements.

Thomas H Huling provides the firm with a wealth of experience in structuring different private investment transactions for clients with non-cash assets, allowing access to multi-million dollar investment technology projects. The Global Investment Company Securitization Fund, he says, has an easy-to-understand procedural outline with a secured structure offering minimal risk within the fund.

Thomas H Huling has nearly three decades of experience in finance. He began his career in real estate in 1985 as a licensed commercial and residential General Contractor and Mortgage Broker in Rhode Island. Since then he has had leadership positions in many prosperous companies, which he has established and developed from the ground up. Thomas H Huling is an experienced entrepreneur who has worked directly with many major partners and investors.



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