Saturday, 23 May 2015

Thomas H. Huling - World Holding Group LLC

Thomas H. Huling has been the Founder and Director of World Holding Group, LLC since October of 2010. It is a private company based out of East Greenwich, Rhode Island that operates in the financial sector. The company specializes in those in the technology and IT sectors, focusing on companies who seek outside consulting services to increase their workplace efficiency, boost their profits and help them grow into new networks and markets that may have otherwise been overlooked. As Thomas H. Huling defines his latest company:

“World Holding Group was established as a U.S. Holding Company to allow the resources and knowledge from its professional financial and management team to manage multiple technologies corporations to individually succeed under its umbrella. As a Holding Company we can provide safety by isolating the liabilities within each corporation while utilizing their strategy blueprints and their board members expertise to advise on new projects or guide existing ones.”

 With all of the experience that Thomas H. Huling has had in helping businesses grow, he has proven himself not only as a strong business leader but as a key player in the growth of the companies of others as well as that of his own. His experience dates back to nearly three decades ago, when he first started working in consulting businesses. He has been the Founder and Director of a number of consulting businesses who have each been an agent of growth in their respected industries and helped boost newcomers as well as stabilize those who have outgrown their extensive planning.


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