Monday, 7 April 2014

Thomas H Huling: Successful Business Leadership

It takes a certain level of skill, determination and business savvy to achieve lasting success as a business professional. Thomas H Huling has demonstrated, time and again, that he has the experience, creativity and leadership skills to make a company an industry success. His ability to direct companies towards a profitable and successful future have established him as a highly-respected business leader.

Thomas H Huling has over 27 years of business leadership experience, and is responsible for the success of multiple companies in the real estate, mortgage and financial investment fields. He has held leadership positions with Multi State Development, Inc., Multi State Mortgage, Inc., Pro-One AG and numerous investment groups. Thomas H Huling is now responsible for the continued investment successes of World Holding Group, LLC and Global Investment Company, LLC.

Thomas H Huling is currently a Certified Financial Advisor as the result of the completion of the 2-year Commuta CFA course. He has held multiple residential and commercial mortgage brokerage licenses in the states of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Maine, Florida and Vermont. Thomas H Huling has also held a Correspondent residential and commercial mortgage brokerage license in the state of Rhode Island.   

Thomas H Huling has substantial business experience that continues to benefit him to this day. The business acumen and knowledge he accumulated as a professional in the mortgage and real estate development industries have provided with many of the tools and expertise needed to operate a successful investment group. Thomas H Huling depends on his many years of experience to deliver results to investors.


Friday, 4 April 2014

Thomas H Huling Makes Opportunities Accessible to Investors

By establishing multiple quality investment opportunities for potential investors around the globe, Thomas H Huling has proven he has the capacity to create long-term financial success for many. Thomas H Huling is the leader of several substantial investment groups that have achieved much success since 2010.

Thomas H Huling

Global Investment Company is an investment group founded and managed by Thomas H Huling. Global Investment is a Global Investment Fund, or GIF, that was started to generate substantial profitable results with a safe and proven investment strategy. Thomas H Huling brings many years of financial industry experience, investment acumen and well-developed multi-national financial relationships to the Global Investment Company table. Relying on his extensive financial experience and investment networking skill, Thomas H Huling is capable of directing investors towards opportunities that generate high levels of profitable returns.

Thomas H Huling is a leader in the investment field. He has been able to construct an impressive investment resume that includes leadership of several diverse and exceptional investment strategy groups. Thomas H Huling is focused on delivering the kinds of investment opportunities that investors are looking for; strategies that not only offer profitable returns, but that also help to lead to major innovations in industry invention and technique. His focus on quality opportunities has allowed Global Investment Company, World Holding Group, LLC and others to become sought-after and industry-leading investment strategies.

Thomas H Huling has made the most from a wealth of financial industry and investment experience. He is supported by nearly three decades of professional business experience. Thomas H Huling continues to make a real difference for investors.