Friday, 26 June 2015

How To Be A Leader If You Are An Introvert

Not every leader is an extrovert. There are many leaders who are introverts. Einstein and Gandhi both had something in common though they were great leaders, both of them were introverts. Being an introvert does not mean that you cannot be a great leader. Here are some important tips you can use if you are an introvert.

Listen Before Talking

Introverts have no problem with listening first before speaking and this is one underutilized skill in the business world. One of the characteristics of a good leader is the ability to listen and then speak. Many people make the mistake of speaking without first listening. As a leader, it is important to take the time to listen and then speak.

Step Up

People face crisis every day, at work and home. As a leader, how you respond in times of crisis is important. You might be an introvert, but in times of crisis, you must step up and face the challenge. When most people look at the crisis, introverts have the ability to see opportunity.

No Comfort Zone

Introverts like working alone, and not speaking in front of groups. But as a leader, there are things you will need to do and one of those things speaking to people. You will need to force yourself out of your comfort zone and engage in communication with other people. You might want to take a class in public speaking to help overcome your inhibitions of speaking in public.


Most introverts find it easier to write than speak. So you might want to put your thoughts down on paper before you start speaking to people. Most leadership tips are written by introverts. Learn to use your strengths and work on improving on your weaknesses.

Thomas H Huling has exceptional leadership skills and believes communication is an important key for every leader.


Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Three Character Traits for Global Financial Entrepreneurs

Thomas H Huling is a leading authority in global business and investments. With over twenty-seven years’ experience in the business, he has offered his unique brand of business ethics, financial security and service excellence to several corporations and helped them succeed. He has founded several corporations and is involved in the daily operations of many of them. According to Thomas Huling, there are three important character traits that are necessary for every global financial entrepreneur.

Interpersonal Skills
Networking is one of the important factors of international financial business. Every entrepreneur should be able to create a lasting impression across cultural and language barriers if he wants to see success. Interpersonal skills and a positive presence are two basic factors that are necessary to network. According to Huling, these skills will help an entrepreneur stand out in the international field.

Multicultural Understanding
Over the years, several things have changed in the business world. The market has shifted, and business leaders have realized they lack the skills needed to work with financial leaders and investors from other countries. It is vital for business leaders to take an interest in and learn about local customs from other cultures where they intend to do business. The American style of doing business will not work in every other culture. Learning the language of the country where you intend to do business is very important. This will give you access to several multinational financial firms and make you more marketable. 

Ability to Take Risks
Every entrepreneur should be able to take risks. No matter how knowledgeable you are as a business person, you will need to be prepared for hidden risks. Every entrepreneurial effort carries a certain amount of risk, and you should be able to value the potential gain when analyzing the potential risk. The international economy can be very rewarding, but because of fluctuations, things can turn very quickly. According to Thomas H Huling, the ability to take risks is very important for every global financial entrepreneur.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Thomas H. Huling - Fulfilling Career

Thomas H. Huling has had a fulfilling career that has led down a road to success. Not with the proprietorship of many companies under his belt, he recounts all the stepping stones along the way to his achievements:

“ Having begun my career in Real Estate and Financing in 1985 as a Licensed commercial and residential General Contractor and finance expert in Providence, Rhode Island, I have established an extensive background in personal and business relationship development. I have 27+ years experience having been in a leadership position within the numerous prosperous companies that I have developed from the ground up. I have been involved in multiple entrepreneurial activities over the course of my career and have worked directly with a multitude of major partners and investors to accomplish the goals set forth by my team and me. I possess 27+ years of professional experience as an entrepreneur in the Finance industry directing the day-to-day operations of multiple corporations, sometimes simultaneously. My responsibilities within my corporations have always encompassed the preparation, negotiations and executions of contracts, financing procurement, fiscal projections, establishing of budgets, manpower scheduling, project staffing and selections of various consultants. I have situated my corporations and myself in a position that allows me to offer my clients the breadth of experience that is characteristic of a “large” financial institution, and the close attention to service, which is the competitive advantage of “smaller” institutions.”

Thomas H. Huling is a successful individual with a history rich in professional experience.